Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Herman Broodplein Amsterdam

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When one has lived in a city as long as I have in Amsterdam the familiar love-hate relationship starts to creep up on you unnoticed with the passage of time. The city is presently executing the mother of all redevelopment's around the central station area. Although one understands that a city is a constantly changing organism and that sometimes major surgery has to take place it does not make the prolonged chaos and disruption any easier to bear.

But at long last small parts of the redevelopment are coming to conclusion, showing that the years of mess and noise are perhaps worth the wait. Part of the new Amsterdam Central Library - OBA - was opened to the public last week. The new library certainly is worth it. No expense or effort has been spared to create a cultural palace of note.
A new reading area has been created in the art and music section and has been dedicated to the late Herman Brood - a fitting tribute to one of Amsterdam's most turbulent and sensational eccentrics. On the 11th of July the Herman Broodplein was officially opened by his daughter Holly and his widow Xandra.