Monday, April 10, 2006


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When urban culture hooks up with the digital era anyone can contribute to the exploding Hip Hop scene. Anyone can put a PC and a beat box in their bedroom and pretend they are rappers and use this art form to communicate what’s on their mind. Even the Dutch Minister Donner of the Justice Department and Mayor Leers of Maastricht use this channel of communication and think they are rappers. But are they?

Like everything else an infinite number of hip hop variations and flavours has emerged:- good rap, crap rap, the ubiquitous commercial big boob and bum rap – which is more akin to porno than music – and of course the real rap. The real thing. Whatever, the rap seems to be here to stay, just like the computer. The real rap comes from the streets. It is about the streets and is intended for the streets. In Amsterdam there is an enormous body of positive creative energy producing good and real hip hop music. Dutchvlog went Inside Amsterdam and spent some time with Black Mosart and Just da Rhymes from Greenfield Productions.

Greenfield Productions is firmly anchored at the creative apex of the scene and demonstrates great musical and creative potential. After a busy and intense year of working with a host of different artists the have just released their new album 4 da Streets Vol II completely independently. They even service the distribution themselves just as many of their fellow artist do. It is also amazing to see how they form alliances, working relationships and friendships during the creation of an album with 23 differing, and authentic hip hop numbers. Compare this to what Leers and Donner attempted and you will feel and hear what real hip hopis and what is not.

This stuff is good. Even my mother who is now 77 thinks its great so you should definitely check it out.

Sales points in Amsterdam are Boudisque, Britain, Patta, Fat Beats, Pico, Café Five Star and music stands on the Amsterdam markets.

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