Sunday, January 15, 2006


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The Death of Reality TV may have been caused by the Euthanasia Show!!

Vlogging is slowly getting talked about - and thought about.
It was amusing to see how the network that broadcast the vlog item on Dutch TV last week immediately ran away with the idea that vlogging will be the ultimate reality TV. It was as though a gasp of relief bellowed through the creatively barren mainstream medialand - “At last; a new angle to revitalise the perishing reality tv concept”.
The penny has obviously not dropped yet; how can you compare an apple with a pear?
The DNA of the mainstream network reality TV and the reality of the vlog are fundamentally different both in the driving force that creates them, their production methods and the motives that effect their inception.
It’s obviously going to take a while for mainstream media to adjust their frame of reference – by which time it will be too late!
Being humane, unlike the sensationalist networks, I hope to soften the distress caused by the passing of a lucrative media era by pointing them to a location where they can obtain a magnificent, made to order coffin (in the form of a tv studio) for their redundant ideas – or should we apply euthanasia?

I am presently trying to set up a first vlogger in Ghana.
Coffins - by Papa Willy - Teshi Road (near Labadi) - Accra Ghana (no e-mail!!!)

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Vlogging Holland - TV crew film vloggers in Amsterdam

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Today I was filmed vlogging in Amsterdam and later interviewed by a crew from Dutch RTL 4 television. Later Gabe and Gabe from Xolo were interviewed by the same crew about of vlogging and it’s progress in Holland. (unfortunately all in Dutch) They are going to run an item on Dutch national television coming Friday (if not then Monday). This is great exposure for vlogging and I am chuffed to have taken part. But it is above all a massive mothervlogging tribute to the toil of Freevlog, FireAnt, Steve Garfield, Gabe McIntyre (get ya bandwidth ready) and all the other inspirational front liners who have put so much effort into getting this great vlogging message across to so many people. Good on ya guys. Events like this confirm that we are getting somewhere – and makes it even more worthwhile.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Big BooomVlog - Dutch DIY Fire Crackers

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In the sparsely populated rural province of Drenthe in northern Holland, the young farmers gather on the village green of Dwingeloo and set off their do it yourself fire crackers in the week preceding new year. As always, the bigger the bang the better the cracker. Commercially available fire works obviously no longer suffice so these guys make their own. In this old custom they usually use old milk cans as a combustion chamber. They add carbite and water, which forms a highly explosive mixture when ignited. The resulting explosion produces a loud big bang and a pretty decent shock wave which shakes you to your marrow. The sound can carry more than 20km across the fields and if you want to hear anything the next day it’s best to wear ear protection. The continuous improvement of the crackers has culminated in the cannon seen in the clip. Naturally this practice is strictly forbidden by law - although the police traditionally make no effort to spoil the fun. If fireworks are supposed to drive the evil spirits away – you can be sure that their ain’t none around here no more!

Happy New Year - DutchVlog - Both shaken and stirred.