Thursday, September 27, 2007

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Internet People by Dan Meth

Internet People is yet another entertaining indication of how much the viewing culture, in the broadest sense, is developing. A computer illiterate TV addict would have absolutely no idea what this is about! Dan Meth, of the animation studio produced both the animation and the song. He is obviously completely and passionately involved with new media. It was posted at every conceivable popular host and within days it had been watched more than 15 million times and is now probably the most watched animation on internet - not on tv. Each viewer made that conscious click!

This bubbling production centres around many of the popular video bloggers around the world - the true internet people. It includes Ask a Ninja, ZeFrank, Lonely Girl, Geriatric 1927, Rocketboom to name but a very few and many of which could have been found in my Vlogroll - literally for years
The new online culture is progressively distancing itself further from the mainstream in its powerful advance and shows that age, colour, creed or culture are no impediment to be a successful videoblogger.

It also shows how painfully far the Netherlands is lagging behind in the use of new media despite its high broadband connection density and superb infrastructure. Here in general, it has not progressed beyond posting abusive or "Donald Duck" media on YouTube. I sadly suspect that the Esmee Denters syndrome is merely incidental!

Hey Dan thanks for letting me share …..good on ya mate!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dutchvlog - Shakespeare in Diever

The Vlogumentary

Yes - All the world is a stage, but some places are more a stage than others, ay, there's the rub; and Diever is without question one of these places.
This small hamlet of scarcely 2200 inhabitants produces a Shakespeare play in Dutch once a year and has been doing so since 1946 when Midsummer Night's Dream was staged for the first time. Now, sixty one years later, enthusiasts from all over Holland and beyond converge on the open air theatre in the forest just outside the village. This year the staging of the romantic comedy, As You Like It, pulled a full house at every performance.

Jack Nieborg is the third resident director of the theatre. He is responsible for the monumental task of translating the plays into Dutch. With the Arden Editions as his blueprint, and whilst remaining close to the original plot, many of the Shakespearean metaphors and allusions are transformed into a more contemporary form. He is however surprisingly successful in retaining much of the entertaining Shakespearean linguistic dexterity so unique to the genre. It remains unmistakably Shakespearean.
In March of every year the first creative meetings take place. During the course of the next four months the creative teams develop and refine all aspects of the production. At the end of July the dressed rehearsals are staged. The cast consists of the local farmer, the baker and the candlestick maker and provide an extraordinarily professional and entertaining performance throughout the months of August and September.

It remains a mystery to me to see how such a small hamlet can produce such spectacular performances. It must be the firm foundation of community spirit, commitment and above all the love and enthusiasm for the magic of Shakespearean theatre. There are only three theatres in the world permitted to fly the Stratford flag - and Diever is one of them. In one word - brilliant!

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