Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Promenade - Water, Bridges and Paint !

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Wherever you are in Holland you are never very far away from water. Just two minutes walk from my house, the North Sea Canal wriggles through Amsterdam towards the North Sea and is always busy with transport barges carrying bulk goods and containers to and fro. It forms part of a complicated infrastructure junction where waterways, motorways and cycleways thread through each other.

A number of bridges stretch across the canal including the Nescio Bridge, a brand new slender, suspension bridge intended for pedestrians and cyclists. The older Schellingwoude Bridge, intended for light local traffic has become a lively message board for local graffiti artists some of whom are extremely talented. I pass by frequently to see if there is anything new and there usually is. It is constantly changing and there are hardly any accessible surfaces left that have not yet been virorously decorated. This spot is strangely bustling with energy produced by the multiple messages that have been left behind.

I tried to capture the contrast between these two spots during one of my promenades. I Like where I live - its always interesting.

Music - Wie is de Baas (Who is the Boss -from the recent album 4 da Streets Part 2) is courtesy of Black Mosart - and the rapid Dutch rap is by Klaas. You can find more rap in the clip Inside Hip Hop Amsterdam, also to be found on this vlog.