Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Digital VlogFlu

Ten minutes ago this vlog was half a page of mixed up source code of the CSS flavor. The digital spirits are obviously punishing me for placing the DutchBloggies badge proudly in the sidebar, an operation I have performed in a similar form a thousand times with satisfactory outcome.

BUT NOW DUTCHVLOG HAS BEEN NOMINATED FOR A DUTCHBLOGGIE the digital spirits have decided to tease me. Yep when I republished the blog - I got the dreaded Blogger >>> A Serious error has occurred <<< message. I can often click out of these potentially disastrous events and wipe my brow when all is well, but not this time. Yes - I know I should have saved a copy of the template but I didn't.

The only way to save the posts and comments was to transfer to Blogger Beta and choose a new template.

So Dutchvlog ain't lookin the way it usually does right now - its got Digital Vlog Flu.
Hopefully the paroxysm will only last a few days - so keep watchin while I Pimp my new (and empty) Blogger Beta Vlog