Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dutchvlog - Beter Video Maken - Turbo Intro

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This is a bilingual post. The clip is in Dutch and the text is obviously in English. The Dutchvlog video blog has a sister site www.dutchvlog.nl (in the Dutch language) intended to provide tips, news and information about all aspects of online video and videoblogging. It has recently added a number of new pages including The Best Web Shows - Links and Tools (still under construction) and How to make better Video. The clip above is an introduction to the new series "How to make better video" in an attempt contribute to a better general quality of online video. The pages will be complemented with new, informative clips on a regular basis and the updates will be announced on the Dutchvlog.nl homepage. Finally, if you don't speak Dutch…..learn it!