Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dutchvlog in Da HipHop Club 20/02/07

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The Hip Hop Club now every Tuesday at Studio 80 Amsterdam

Thanks to Heron we can now feast our ears on the freshest hip-hop talents in Amsterdam at the HipHop Club every Tuesday night in Studio 80 on the Rembrandtplein. The kick off last Tuesday was hosted by Stand Up Rachid Larouz who will bust your sides, followed by MC's Kiddo Cee and Merage. Come and get inspired. Support your MC and make some noise at the hot-hot Hip Hop club.

Live audio stream from the club every Tuesday at

Next week
27/02/07 :- Dodeneters & 81 project >>>> Be There !!?!

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cable Conference 2007 Amsterdam # 5 - CDS

As cable consumers we like to sit back, use and enjoy all the services delivered to us by the cable networks and service providers. However, behind the scenes an enormous amount of creative energy, high tech innovation, investment and planning is needed to give us what we want. The Dutch cable consumer is already accustomed to a high quality cable network in a country with one of the highest broadband connection densities in the world. This is however not necessarily the case in the rest of Europe.

Diarmuid Kelly from CDS, one of the organisations that help build the digital highways that we use, talked to Dutchvlog about the role that CDS plays in providing the infrastructure that is needed to keep the increasigly demanding consumer happy.

This is the last in the Cable Conference 2007 series. I would like to thank Wolfgang Blau for inviting Dutchvlog - and special thanks go to Brandii Burke (my New Media companion) for her great camera work and her support during the conference.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Cable Conference 2007 Amsterdam # 4

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A quick round of the HD ready exhibitors.

Cable Conference 2007 #3

The backdrop for this years Conference is the Five Star Okura Hotel in Amsterdam.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Cable Conference 2007 Amsterdam #2

I had a peek at the effort and precision it takes to keep 600 Cable Network bosses happy and networking in a Five Star Hotel.

Cable Conference 2007 Amsterdam #1

Day zero - preparation!!