Friday, December 22, 2006

Dutchvlog - Bravo blip

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I have been happily using as a video host for a year now and it never ceases to amaze me.
Having an aversion for anything "mass" my primary impulse was to avoid places like YouTube despite its world wide exposure and mythical success. The same also goes for DailyMotion. Furthermore perusal of the Terms of Use of both hosting services reveals a horrifying commercial reality. By agreeing to the aforesaid you grant the host permission to do whatever they like to your carefully sculpted visual creations - to cram it full of commercial messages of their choosing should they see fit.
Naturally the money for the hosting servers has to come from somewhere but the appeal of internet video is that you were able to escape the ineffective TV commercials that are crammed down your throat as frequently as is practicably tolerable. This overtly commercial foundation will eventually be the catalyst to its decline. maintains a more sustainable philosophy. You as author of your video material remain the boss. Commercial messages will only be attached to your clip if you grant permission. This also means effectively that you are not bombarded with commercials whilst browsing the UGC of others. Furthermore as UGC becomes more intricate and creative the prospect of it being defaced with commercial crap becomes even more unattractive. Nevertheless, unmistakably aroused by the sound of $1,5 billion dollars, the value that Google attached to YouTube, YouTube clones are popping up all over internet as is to be expected. In a year you will be able to buy them on e-bay for some loose change with a failing commercial TV channel thrown in for free.

Blip frequently update and improve their service and each time it is a pleasure to see how creatively they accommodate the needs of the serious videoblogger.
They have introduced a Show Page on which you may present your cinematic wares including a trailer for your Show. If anyone has a handle on the future of internet video it's blip.

Not having the patience to develop a custom trailer I have cooked up a Dutchvlog collage for the meantime. Click on the collage.