Sunday, May 28, 2006

Inside Amstedam - Appivlog

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Appi is a happy, self confessed, ripe hippy of the Amsterdam flavour who takes life day by day and sings the songs life in the Dutch language. He has developed a show with his own music and lyrics called Gekkenwerk (Mad mans work) and hopes to get it on the road by autumn of this year. In his first number …Een Goed Pensioen (A Good Pension) his sings of what life could have been like had he behaved himself and pursued a respectable career. Here the punch line is ”… it’s too late”!

In his second number he sings of a Casanova who wants to escape the unsophisticated rural provinciality of Veendam, a sleepy small town in the north of Holland which excels only in being exactly that. Via internet-dating he seeks his self realisation amongst wealthy, freethinking ladies of the big city. This song obviously has a large autobiographical component.

This is a selection from “Gekkenwerk en andere Rosse Liedjes”

More from Appi in the autumn and if you don’t speak Dutch……learn it!!