Thursday, September 02, 2010

Samsung Wave S8500 - Firmware Upgrade Tutorial

The latest smartphone from Samsung, the Wave s8500, launched in the spring in this year is rapidly finding it's way into the mobile market and therefore into the pockets of proud new owners all over the world.
Teething and compatibility problems are to be expected from a new device using the new, bespoke Samsung Bada OS; but it is now September, many months after the launch and the internet is becoming crowded with messages from owners begging for help regarding a wide variety of issues.

At the time of the launch the device was not compatible with Windows 7. Since then this issue has been resolved and the device “should” be compatible with both the 32 and 64bit systems. However using the Wave with the 64bit system is still problematic as I and many others have discovered, witness the response to this last video and the multitude of messages on internet regarding this issue.
Updating my device firmware with Kies and windows 7 eventually caused the device to freeze. Only after reinstalling Kies and many attempts to bring the device back to life via the recovery mode did it eventually work, but the relationship is still far from harmonious.
Many new owners are even having great trouble in getting their PC to recognize the device via Kies.
Many settings have to be checked before the device is ready to talk to the PC. Otherwise it just won’t work!

These fundamental issues do raise the question “Does one have to be a Geek to be a Wave owner?”
Not all new owners will be happy with the hours of puzzling required to get the device to do what you want it to do when you want it to do it! They just want to buy it, configure it and use it and not spend days looking for answers on internet.

So there’s allot of tweaking to do for Samsung before the wider “non geek” user community can enjoy carefree user experience. Lets hope they do because when and if you get this device configured and working it is truly amazing.

So, this last video may help the non geeks like me on their way. Its best watched in full screen mode or directly at YouTube >> click here


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